Sunday, 13 December 2015

Space Oddities - Suspiria

A visual “TRIP”, Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” (1977) pays very little attention to the narrative of the film, instead provides set designs and colour relationships more suited to cartoon worlds, where realism can be hanged from the ceiling and a stylised magnum opus can be produced. “Suspiria is self-consciously stylised, artificial and, as the first victim will remark in a kind of meta-commentary, “so absurd, so fantastic.” (Williamson, K. 2000)

“Suspiria” stylisation has been compared like the darker twin to Disney. “As much a reverberation as an inversion of Disney” and “Disney’s hidden reverse” (Schulte-Sasse, 2002). Key scenes seem to have a relationship with Disney’s “Alice in wonderland”, from the disoriented environment, to the effects of being drugged through the food creating the psychedelic colour shifts and not knowing if this is all occurring in reality or just ones mind.

Although Argento has openly said he wanted to achieve the colour satuartion of one of Walt Disneys earlier films “we were trying to reproduce the color of Walt Disney’s Snow White” (Williamson, K. 2000)  but with the nuance of a psycholigical thriller. Argento’s vision of creating a Fairytale building and juxtaposing with all the gore and violence of a Horror flick, Mixed with the repetitive eerie soundtrack and the subtly overlayed screams and wines produced some contemplative if somewhat disturbing viewing.


•  “Williamson, K. (2000)  Rise of the Neo-Stalker,” Post Script: Essays in Film and the Humanities



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