Monday, 28 August 2017

Year 3 - Minor and major project

I was thinking about putting my adaptation B project on hold, as I feel, there was too much to handle for a 8month project, with all the characters and assets that would be needed.
So my thoughts are about working on a idea I had over last summers break. it would only have two characters, so feel it would be simpler to do as I really want to focus on modelling, rigging and textures.  It would also expand upon the visual look of the  ‘Invasion’ film  and certain parts of the script to screen project that was created last year.

The Idea is of a astrounought that has crash landed on a hostile planet and needs to find power some how, as to power his space module to get back of the planet. I do want his space module to try and be a character of sorts as he has to drag it behind him, so can get him into trouble rolling back down hills and such when his rope breaks. similar style when when ‘Walle’ is acting a fool in the Pixar movie. I would like the animation to be called ‘Drag me home’.

I was inspired by a animation that was put on the CAA blog called Escape, that I thought was such a cool idea, and quite a simple in term of story ’apart from the 30 people it took to complete the pipeline’ but the whole look of the film is quite a visual treat.

Here are the sketches that where created last year, to give a little feel of how I see the world, but if the idea is good to go, I want to develop slightly as have different ideas for characters and story.