Thursday, 30 March 2017

Adaptation B - Modelling Progress

Really trying to refine shapes and form, before I commit to placing in final details.
Finding this a really tricky process, harder than cooking a good Yorkshire Pud, but with some helpful hints and tips, its starting to fall into place. Im happy with how the side profile looks, but feeling the front looks a little funny at the mo. 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Adaptation - Working Ideas

After discussions with Alan, we felt the most evolved character was the female, here are some sketches and painting to try and evolve her, as have had a few issues with the orthographs in the modelling stage.

Designs for my Character Set, though these still need a little more refinement for the final Designs and only going to model the female for now..

One of the Characters initial drawings, I tried to keep the poses pretty neutral as have trouble with the orthographs, so thought this would be good practice.

I wanted to try and model my characters in Zbrush, but soon realised that having to learn how the programme worked was harder than I initial thought. From bad planning and not using orthographs, I could not achieve the look I was after. So decided to ditch this idea.