Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Adaption B - Mood Boards

Put together a little mood board of how I envisage the world I would like to create - This may be abit early to do this but is easier for me to explain in images. Not all the elements are here though, as need to think how the Elixir would look like and the IRS Agents.

Adaptation B - Background of Idea

I'm thinking of taking the history of the 1930's bootlegging industry from 'Neal Thompson' Book 'Driving with the Devil', and making a slightly futuristic version of events - The main characters have been highlighted above that will be adapted to fit their new world, Transporting a banned Elixir of the future. Unfolding into a series of Cat and Mouse scenarios. Though for this Project, I would like to focus on the Main Bootlegger and Vehicle.  

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Adaptation - The World of Voyager 2 Infographic

I'm liking the idea of using the Voyager space mission for my Infographic idea. Thought it could look quite nice to explain the science behind how a unpowered satellite was able to visit all the planets in our solar system whilst collecting vast amounts of data and sending home. This will be more of a factual presentation relying on nice typography and visuals.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation - The World of... Infographic

The World of...

1. Hallucinogenics
2. Typography
3. Voyager 2
4. Lo Brow Culture
5. the Super Rich
6. Bigger Things (Planets, Solar Systems, cosmos)
7. Religion
8. the Imagination
9. Monsters
10. Goats