Thursday, 12 January 2017

Adaptation - The World of... Infographic

The World of...

1. Hallucinogenics
2. Typography
3. Voyager 2
4. Lo Brow Culture
5. the Super Rich
6. Bigger Things (Planets, Solar Systems, cosmos)
7. Religion
8. the Imagination
9. Monsters
10. Goats


  1. Hi Mark

    Pitch Feedback

    Having looked at your list it reads as being a little eclectic. Some make perfect sense and are more obvious in their outcomes whilst others are slightly vague and abstract. The ‘world of the insane’ for example is a little too vague and non-descript (possibly offensive too if done wrong). The move straight forward choices such as ‘typography’ often feature in infographics because they are ‘dry’ subjects which need fun and exciting visualisations to help an audience engage with overlooked important information (see links below). Of all the subjects in your list ‘typography, goats (or another animal), the super posh (should be rich)’ jump out as potential topics. I’d also recommend when choosing to consider ‘how can you hit the ground running’ and not waste time. The project is short and a simple but well-made inforgraphic will win over an overly complex and less communicative one every time.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Alan, Ive been given this actual time to develop ideas today, my preferred choices would

    Typography - and how to use different styles to achieve different emotions - blackletter for Horror for exarmple
    Voyager 2 - and the information that it has picked up on its travels through its own bigger world