Monday, 18 January 2016

@Phil - Script to Screen - Revisions

triumph over adversity

Background of Mouse

Orphan street Mouse, performs on street corners to earn his keep

Dreams of being a Professional Opera Singer - changing his lifestyle for the better

Has a talent for acrobatics due to theiving and surviving on the street

Wears make-shift opera outfit 

Fed up of being looked down upon by the high society due to street presence.

Has a really talent for his performing arts and inginuity

Story Plot

Busking street Mouse, looking at aww at a poster for the National try-outs for the sacred opera school,
high-up in the mystic mountains.

(Mouse has his adventure pack on his back, mainly a box of Matches holding his living utensils and a few matches).

As mouse lowers the clasped poster,  “Camera pans up” to the actual scene of the opera school in the clouds.

Looking up at the Opera School, the mouse can see hundreds of Chinese Lanterns floating up into the sky,
heading for the event. 

As mouse tracks the illuminated lanterns back to ground zero, he looks towards a lily pond, where flamboyant Opera singers are queing for their transport on the grounded lanterns powered by candles 
(Lanterns using Lilly pads as docks - Little rickety bridges used as walks-way over pond water for commuters).

as the mouse is distracted, gazing in amazement at the magical view, a pompous fat child opera singer in flaboyant attire pushes the little mouse over onto floor spilling his adventure pack across the ground, laughing as he does so....

Fat child opera singer heads over to lilly pond  with smug smile upon his face, knowing he has transport to get to the try outs

With enthusiasm and excitement to get to the try-outs, Mouse gathers his adventure pack to see what materials he has to make a makeshift lantern.

Using his tent as a balloon, Mouse strikes a match and uses the flame to start his journey up into the clouds,
but the match burns a hole in the tent and the makeshift lantern falls back to the ground.

 pompous fat child opera now laughing at Mouses failed attempt high up from a latern on its travels up to the auditions

Sad Mouse realises his failure and will not get to the audition for the Opera, but has one last idea.

Emptying all unnecessary weight from his adventure pack, Mouse places all matches into box apart from one.
Rips a small whole in the bottom of the box and straps to his back very tightly.

Striking the loose match, Mouse holds the flame to the small hole in the match box... Igniting the matches inside, flames shoot out the box and the mouse is sent rocketing up into the air. 

After a few fly pasts of some lanterns and couple loop the loops Mouse arrives at Opera.

Fat pompus singer watches from lantern unhappy that little mouse will get there first.

as mouses jet pack runs out it gently springs him the edge and onto his feet so he can walk towards the school in a effortless motion.


  1. ... so doesn't this need to end on a poster showing the mouse as a now famous opera singer?

  2. Yes hahah, nice little touch, thank you Phil :)