Monday, 5 September 2016

3D Type - Non Chosen

Playing around with 3D typography in maya - Tried a idea for our group blog sadly it has been shoed hahah


  1. Hey Mark, personally I think you need to go simpler in terms of the logo. Take a look at our blog for last year and see if that helps?

    Also I'd possibly reconsider your name? Not all your group members are male and thats rather confusing to me? It may be worth considering a more neutral name?

  2. yep - posted your comments through to the group - correct, Lewis and myself liked this one, but Mannish was not so keen.
    I was only playing around with the 3D stuff to be honest - but its only Lewis and myself that put forward a banner design, so we used what we thought was the better of the 2 as can't spend to long on this