Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Star Chamber OGR

Star Chamber OGR by Mark on Scribd


  1. A few questions- what is the point of this examination? What are you trying to critically explore- this needs more clarity. The synopsis is missing.
    Chapter 1
    This is not a chapter overview- it’s simply a statement- can you dig deeper and break this down into manageable progression of ideas/ information to reach some sort of conclusion before moving onto the next chapter- what is the key literature/film/theory that goes along side?
    Staring points- sci fi in Avant Garde film practice- and in literature- the function of the sci fi genre in film as a carrier of society’s anxieties- particularly in America in the 1950’s.

    Chapter 2
    OK yes alienation and the uncanny- often discussed in relation to robots and in relation to horror- what are you focussing on- film and how robots are represented and the idea of technology explored or are you talking about robotics/dolls and animatronics- or are you talking about the uncanny as a response to CGI- i.e uncanny valley- this needs further work?
    Sci fi and these films have evolved in postmodernism via canonical film such as Blade Runner and the exploration of the notion of the post human.
    Possibly in chapter 3 which is again as an overview far too brief you need to case study out your ideas by looking at one or two creative products.
    What about the Alien franchise and the robots- as a returning theme- very often robots lack the same moral and ethical foundations as humans- this is the issue which is looked at in I Robot and in Blade Runner
    Dig deeper
    Develop ideas more logically
    Do some fundamental reading from film history and theory and postmodernism
    Read Teach yourself postmodernism as a starting point

  2. Pro-tech - Gene Roddenberry (Creator of Star Trek) - utopian view of relationship between tech and humanity.