Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Adaptation B - Hair

Trying abit of hairdressing today, building up layers


  1. Hi Mark - Its not good to use the Physical Sun and Sky system to preview models. It washes out detail and doesn't show your 3D forms in their best light. Basic 3-point lighting or even an ambient occlusion node / blinn is better. The sky system is something you should really stay away from - Its too 'filter' like and rarely good.

  2. sorry, was being lazy there, do you think it would be good to put a sss shader on the skin, or is this to early for the model, am keen to see what the skin looks like

  3. No. Resist the urge to beautify whilst your still working (we all want to do that). However, it just wastes time. Also, take a look at this link...