Sunday, 3 December 2017

Major Project - Eye Rig Test

Before I start on my actual model, I wanted to see how my geometry for the eyelids behaved, and if it needed to be altered. I chose to do this test now, as if I hooked up all the blendshapes for the rest of the face and then the eye did not work, it would of cost quite a bit of time.

I have only rigged one side, and not really smoothed the skinning to much, but it does seem to work and there is quite a bit of flexibilty to the rig, there are some extreme moves that a eye would not do, but just testing to see. Also the movement is quite floaty but for a test I'm OK with that. I will put all my workings up when I do the final model, but this was quite taxing to do and wanted to concentrate on making it work before I try to explain.

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