Thursday, 1 March 2018

Major Project - Textures

Bringing textures into Maya, from yesterdays substance test. They work, however there are some issues with the seems, and the combination of the displacement map and normal map, so will have to try and sort this before carrying on.


  1. I was actually having issues in my digital set in regards to displacement and normal maps. I found I got more realistic results by getting rid of the normal map and enabling 'auto-bump' in the displacement settings. However, obviously if your normal map isn't essentially the same as your displacement map, it may not give the results you want...but maybe it's something to try?

  2. Hey, thanks Dee.

    Im having trouble as the main displacement map is made in zbrush, then when I take the low and high models into substance, I make the maps, but the normal map bakes with everything in it, which I'm guessing it should, but I only want the fine details in the normal map and not the larger details. :)

    the displacement just on its own looks so much better, but I would like a little height where the dirt is. I shall have a hunt around to see if I can find what I'm doing wrong, and send you if I find anything.

    thanks again :)

    1. I also ready somewhere that Arnold prefers bump maps over normal maps...I'm not sure how accurate that is but you may want to try out a black and white bump map over a normal map. Again, don't know how accurate that is but is something to try!