Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Fantastic Voyage - Initial Ideas

Initial thoughts for Antibodies and Bacteria - Took my influence from "Innerspace" and how the little mech pods interacted in the body. I thought it would be quite cool if the Antibodies could suit up before going into battle - I think I can get the science of how Bacteria is destroyed in quite a fun way that could interest teenagers and their gaming worlds.


  1. but remember you have to model and animate whatever you design - so keep the practicalities in mind as you design :) (but I'm liking the suited antibodies - they're great fun).

  2. The suits are cool, but could take time to make. Perhaps you could explore antibodies as something mass-produced to be released in large numbers? Perhaps consider the world of the innerspace to help you build the robots that protect it. Does the environment lend itself make flying, swimming, driving or walking the best way to get around?

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