Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Invisible Cities - Key Thumbnail Development

Still playing around with the main city shape, trying to get more details, but think might be abiit confusing?


  1. Really exciting to see the build up stuff, Mark - exactly why we ask for the GIFs - an immediately engaging way of seeing the 'story' of an idea and its execution. What I like too is your understanding of how 'suggestion' and 'impressionism' can create an experience of detail and density via mark-making.

    One thing - I'd like to see a greater sense that this great city is a great weight, so seeing some credible strain on those supports; you might want to take a look at suspension bridges etc. for some additional reference.

  2. The use of Maya to get a basic shape and then work into it is pretty clever. The city you have created here has a strong "put-together and held up by duct tape and magnetic levitation" vibe to it. Well done!

    I am now eager to see how this city would look if you take this on for your final design.