Sunday, 11 October 2015

Invisible Cities - Key Thumbnail Development

Trying to workout how to get the details into chosen key thumbnails, and playing with the gradient map, though can't quite get the colours I'm after at the moment.


  1. This is looking really impressive! I really love the colours here!
    One thing I would probably try changing is the two little islands below the mother-ship on the left. It seems they are not following the angle. If they were meant to be this way then ok, my comment is invalid : )

  2. Hey Mark :) I think it would be really valuable to others if you were break-down your work-flow in terms of your digital paintings; looks like you're using Maya to block out your more complex perspectives (if I can presume a link between your recent 'help post' and the prevailing shapes here). The brief asks you to create 'animated GIFs' of your workflow - i.e. break down your build-ups, as the way in which artists make work is at least as fascinating - if not more so - as the finished artefact. I'd love to see the trail of breadcrumbs from provisional block-out to colour variations etc. It would make for a very exciting blog post - and a very exciting creative development blog more generally :)

  3. Thankyou Samantha, I do agree though, we have a slightly squiffy city element in there, Maybe that's the party island ha.
    For sure Phil, for the next ones I can make the gif's of the workflow that was involved, I was just testing the maya tutorials on that one to see if I could make it work in photoshop - having a few issues with angles though, that I need to speak with Simon tomo :)