Wednesday, 18 November 2015

What if, Metropolis - OGR Stage 02


  1. OGR 19/11/2015

    Hi Mark,

    Firstly, you're to be applauded for responding so professionally to the previous OGR feedback and reconsidering your concept for your Lalique inspired city. Your research and soak-up of Art Nouveau etc is self-evident in terms of the quality and confidence of your thumbnails and your OGR is presented with your customary confidence. I suppose I'm a little confused by your 'concept painting', because it's not actually representative of a finished concept, in so much as the buildings are place-holders; the concept painting of the fully rendered Lalique buildings is a separate painting and doesn't quite relate. I do want to see a completed concept painting that is more fully expressive of your intentions.

    If I am to assume that the establishing shot of the city as expressed by the place holder composition is the one you're taking forward, then I suppose I'm concerned that your various hero assets will be so far away, that none of your design work will matter very much, as we won't be able to see it. It does seem a shame too, what with your strengths in digital painting, that your matte painting won't be truly extending the scope and the scale of the city. That said, the composition of the 'master shot' is dramatic and has merit in its own right - I'd just leave you with the question as outlined above - is this view of your city the best use of your assets and does it help communicate your concept of the 'too luxuriant' metropolis? I can't help feeling that somehow this composition keeps us at more than arm's length, and when I think about all the time and energy you're going to lavish on modelling and texturing and lighting etc, are you sure this isn't an arm's length too far? Discuss!

  2. Agreed, with regards to my Concept painting, after realising that my first initial Idea was also weak, I was trying to get a new dirtier low down veiwpoint, but as the buildings are quite short I was finding this tricky to get a interesting composition and had to take this generic approach so that I could hear your advice and take the next step, Im going to get working on some new comps from tomo, and fingers crossed capture the atmosphere and details of the place

  3. One question Phil, does the 16:9 format have to be landscape, or can we make it portrait