Wednesday, 11 November 2015

What if, Metropolis - tests

The hero building in my set is the Absinthe, Opium and Bodouir complex. The scale and designs of the buildings are just positionals at the moment.
Seeing as the residents would be High on fun and their vision would be slightly off, I wanted to see how trippy I could get the colours - please help me and say if you think it is too garish, as I'm not sure.


  1. I think these colours are bit retro-fifties actually - there's a Jetsons vibe settling in and a lurch towards science-fiction. Maybe in the first instance you should colour pick from Lalique's work itself - and once you've established that identity, consider using a colour cast to lend a bit of 'sickness' or 'too much-ness' to the world? An absinthe tinge?

  2. Thanks for the advice Phil, will give it another go