Thursday, 11 May 2017

Adaptation B - Reflective Statement

I feel the modeling stage of this project went really well, with guidance from the tutors I was able to achieve a fully modeled, rigged and textured character model to what I think to be at quite a high level for my 2years experience in the Maya software. My critique went well and was happy to hear that I could carry this project into next year. I thought that my idea for the narrative section of the project has strong origins for character development and cinematic values, but due to the time I spent on the character development and asset, I neglected to think about the core narrative principles of premise and names. I plan to go back to the beginning of this project now, so I can develop the core story and plot.

The criticism that I did receive, and totally agree with, is my lack of explanation to the processes that I am using on my blog and that I need a more professional approach to my blogging language. I do find how to express myself a real challenge and this was totally reflected in my presentation, I stumbled on words and forgot to talk about the most important part of the narrative which would of really cemented the idea. I'm not taking this as a negative though, just want to work on rectifying the problem.

But, I'm super happy with the progress I am making and quite excited to develop my adaptation B project to the next level in year 3.